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Cowboy Up

It’s said “confession is good for the soul.” Well, a lot of things are said, but I think this one might be right.  With that, I must confess to feeling some anxiety and Jesus told me, “Don’t be that way.”  I’m anxious about our new Fall Season and the premier of the “Wednesday Night Show,” hosted by Arnold Nelson.  I wouldn’t be a bit worried if someone else were hosting it.  Why, I’d go out of my way to be encouraging and I’d say some version of, “Be not anxious.”

However, my name is on this and it’s something new.  If it goes as hoped we’ll have a chance to hear from interesting people doing interesting things in our community and across the world.    It’ll let us know of their work, but also theirlives and what makes them tick.  In the process maybe we’ll get new insights on how to make our lives count for just a little bit more.  By the time you read this we’ll have met Jay Johnson, President and CEO of Duncan Regional Hospital.  We’ll hear about Main Street Duncan and get to know Destiny Ahlfenger.  Ed Darling will tell us about the United Way, and Johnny Wray will introduce us to B. J. Mpofu of Zimbabwe, director of a program to dig wells and plant churches, a program we’ve supported in the past.  Lawrence Herndon will share news of a proposed columbarium. Along the way we’ll hear the DHS Reflections Show Choir, and Kelsey Avants and “The Old Geezers String Band.”

We’ll have other musical guests and surprise guests and news of the church.  Sounds good to me but I think I’ve made the self—discovery of being no Jack, Johnny, Jay or Jimmy.  Besides, and actually, this is the main thing: I’m out of the Wednesday night habit, as are we all.  I’m very anxious about that. We get in the habit of doing something, like going to church, and then we get in the habit of not, like not going to church.  The idea of getting back in the groove fills us with all kinds of dread.  Perhaps you’ve felt that experience.  Still, I’m going to cowboy up and get back in the swing of things.

People will be nice to me and I’ll be glad to be there and the roof won’t fall in on us. At least I think not.  Hey, come next Wednesday and check it out for yourself. At least the food and company will be good.

Glad to be your pastor,





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