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Nickel Knowledge

It will soon be 5 years sine Charles Boyd took a pile of rust and air claiming space of what was once an automobile and began making a new one.  He calls it “restoration.” Sure.  At last it’s taking shape and when its finished it will be a hand built 1959 Mercedes 220S *Cabriolet. Trent and Caleb Cronk have recently done something akin to this with a ’56 Chevy and it’s a beauty.  Not my skill sets at all.

Over the years I’ve specialized in nickel knowledge, obscure matters that don’t matter.  You might call it trivia.  After 20 years of never playing any kind of computer game, I recently saw Cindy Flanigan—Reynolds’ daughter’s, Shelby and Aubrey, playing Trivia Crack.  I tried it and it’s aptly named.

The object is to answer 3 questions to win the chance to answer another over 6 subjects before your opponent.  I can stand my own against about anyone but Don Gooch and Don Weaks (There’s just something about that name?)  The questions are embarrassingly easy.  I can hear my dad say, “Any fool ought to know.”  For instance, “What land was Columbus actually in search of on his voyage of 1492?”  Choices are: the Balkans, Australia, South America or India.  Another, where is Rio de Janeiro located?  Pick from: USA, Brasilia, North Carolina or Brazil.

See? Painfully simple until you miss one, and you miss one.  You miss more than one.  It becomes hard.  I’d have thought we all know Lincoln is on the One Cent, and FDR is on the Dime, until I met people who didn’t.  In fact, I’ve learned some things.  I finally learned there are 11 players on the field of a soccer game.  I’ve also learned I picked up more in 9th grade physical science than either the teacher or I’d have thought.  I’ve learned I’d rather lose than know Justin Timberlake was once in NSYNC.  (Still, now I do.)  I’ve learned there’s such a vast array of things to be known in this world that none of us can know it all.  A silly game can humble any of us and that’s good to remember.

I also know this really is nickel knowledge.  The billion dollar stuff I learned early and some of it I learned in church.

See you there.

Glad to be your pastor,


*La-di-dah for a 4 door convertible.


India and Brazil.  But you knew that.


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