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First Christian Church /  Sakes Alive! Let’s Live Generously!
Sakes Alive! Let’s Live Generously!

This week I met a man of whom I’d heard tales. He’s a burly fellow, eager to let you know he’s always worked for a living, and taken nothing from anyone. He also
volunteered that he’s never given anything to anyone. “I don’t believe in giving to charity. I just take care of me and my own.”

His brother is famously different. He’s spent his professional life helping others give to causes they believe in to the betterment of all. His personal life mirrors his work life. I’m left to wonder how those two grew up together and wound up so different. Sakes Alive! They grew up in the same house!

Not to change the subject but it’s October when we hold our annual stewardship
campaign. That means we’ll work and make a successful 2016 budget. Every one of us will be challenged. At very least, we’ll find ourselves challenged to give the same, or a little more. Yet, at most we’ll wrestle some with issues that help us grow in faith. I’m hoping for the most and this year’s theme promises to help.

“Saints Alive! Living Generously” is the theme and it’s based on 1 Corinthians 16. I like it. I hope it makes a difference in all our lives. The material ordered from the Ecumenical Stewardship Center includes questions for reflection. They’re good issues for us to consider. Here they are:

Who taught you about being generous?
When have you received a generous gift from another?
Where have you seen God’s abundance in your home; congregation?
What have you taught others about

These questions are my homework for the month. Right off the bat, I pictured Hollis McKnight. Mr. McKnight believed in  Christian missions and he lifted that banner over my home church. I don’t remember him being conspicuously wealthy but I know he got wind of my interest in ministry, and did much to make possible my going to
college. These questions called to mind the various disasters, including the flooding going on in South Carolina, even now. I’m always inspired by the outpouring of time, prayers, money and “getting dirty for Jesus” that comes from brothers and sisters toward brothers and sisters they’ve never met. As to what I may have taught anyone, I’ll have to do more thinking.

But in the words of Johnny Mathis, It’s Not For Me To Say. Sakes Alive! Let’s Live Generously!

Glad to be your pastor,


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