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The quiet army

I’m a Christian. Please, hold your applause.  It’s not my greatest accomplishment, and no reason for congratulations.  In the World Wide Web people post things like, “I’m proud to be a Christian!”  Not I.  Before you ball up this newsletter (or delete it) hold your horses a second.  If I’m not proud to be a Christian, neither am I ashamed.

What I am is fortunate, blessed and relieved. I’m fortunate to have been reared in an environment where the stories of Jesus were told in word and deed and I heard them one way or another.  I’m blessed because they took a hold on me at an early age, and as I matured there were people to help my life of faith do [some of] the same.  I’m blessed because all the above has made my best of times better, and my worst of times bearable.  If it goes for me, as I’ve witnessed in others, it will see me through my time on Planet Earth.  For that I‘m vastly grateful and relieved.

What I’m NOT is proud.  Okay, I’m proud of a few things.  Those people who do the “I’m Proud to be a Christian” stuff always want the message forwarded.  It’s put to us as if our only alternative is to be ashamed.  So far, this bullying hasn’t made a dent in me and I’m proud of that.  I’ve not been intimidated by such unsaintly coercion.  In fact, I react negatively to the bragging.  When I hear someone talking about all that they, their church, or para—church group does that’s so holy and righteous, it pretty well turns me to stone.  Any version of “I’m/We’re the: most dedicated, deeply spiritual, sacrificial, hard working, true believing, God—loving, God—fearing and generally, awesome person/people,” is inappropriate to us and the Gospel.  Tooting one’s horn is tacky Christianity.

I’m proud of something else.  Over time I’ve seen Christianity done differently. I’ve encountered people doing good for others; giving as needed, quietly and prayerfully concerned about others, all without drawing attention to themselves. Often they’re embarrassed to be caught at it.  They’re inspiring and charming.  I confess I’m proud to be associated with such as these.  Hey, some of you are such as these.  I’m glad to know you, and I applaud you.

Glad to be your pastor, Arnold





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