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First Christian Church /  Zimbabwe comes to FCC
Zimbabwe comes to FCC

Who is Rev. B. J. Mpofu and why is he coming here?  Good questions, and the answers require some history.  In 2008, I was new here and so was The Well.  We needed some mission project that would help people new to us know better our church’s way of being in mission.  Dr. Johnny Wray was the long—time Director of the Week of Compassion, and just the guy to give us good direction.

So, I called Johnny and told what I needed and learned about “Showers of Blessings.”  This was a mission project of our sister church in Australia to assist the work of our sister church in Zimbabwe. To those who don’t know, Zimbabwe is a country in the south of Africa that’s been run by the same man for about 35 years.  Under his leadership the nation has gone from wealthy to poor to dismal.  Average income is less than $2,000.  All the problems of chronic poverty abound and that includes drought.

Still, the Disciples of Zimbabwe have a passion to share the Gospel in word and deed and that’s where the Australian Disciples came in and let us help. “Showers of Blessings” takes people with smarts into villages needing water.  They locate a likely tree and presume water is down below.  They dig a well and usually strike H2O.  They establish the well for that village; then plant a church beside it.  All things considered, brilliant.

We promoted this cause and raised over $3,000, which dug 3 wells and built 3 churches.  Good thing?  You bet!  B. J. Mpofu is the president of that Disciple community and former president of the World Convention of our church.  He’s traveling with Johnny Wray to say, “Thank You” to people like us.  I hope you’ll come and say, “You’re welcome.”  We’ll all learn to pronounce his name.

Glad to be your pastor,



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